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Life Force (1987)

© 1987 Lois Achimovich

The opening of Life Force, a play by Lois Achimovich which was commissioned for Deck Chair Theatre's Birthworks project 1987

The scene is a large living room/kitchen with friendly wallhangings, ceramics, glass, thick rugs. There is a bench/kitchen table to stage left and a futon to stage right under window. Chairs at bench and a rocking chair.

A woman (Beth) is in labour on the futon. Another woman, Kelly, the midwife, is sitting next to her on the futon with her hand on her abdomen measuring contractions. Another woman, Marian, is cooking at the bench. Another, Dolly, is lolling in the rocking chair.

Enter Penny with a pram full of vegetables and fruit.

Penny: You wouldn't believe the markets! Full of tourists!

Marian: (peering into the pram) God! Where's the baby?

Penny: (delves into pram) He's okay, aren't you lovey?

Marian: He's turned green!

Penny: It's kiwi fruit. Give it to mummy darling. Give it to me, there's a good boy.

(She slops the green mess into the bin.)

Dolly: Why can't you give him a crust like any self-respecting mother?

Penny: Metabolically it has been shown that fruit is vastly superior to ...

Dolly: Yeah, Yeah, I know, but you'll turn him into the jolly green giant if you're not careful.

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