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Coral as a girl

This is Coral aged 11. Wtf is she wearing: a crocheted sack? And is that dog the same one as in Rose's book, from when she was 2? And I didn't tilt the photo: the print was like that. More importantly, written on the back in ink in immature handwriting with a pen nib, is this: 'With love from Coral 17.11.24'. If this is the backyard of the family home, it is either 36 Gordon St Footscray, where Coral was born, or Hocking St, where they were when she was 14.

There's no date on the back of this one, but Coral (in the middle) looks like a teenager. The note on the reverse gives a lot of information. 'Dear Tean [sic] a snap my cousin took while in Ballarat Lil Loyer (or Tozer?) my cousin at back Vic Coral and yours truly not too good but we couldnt take a photo for laughing best love Ede XX Vic said she is looking up to Heaven X'.
I don't know who Ede is for sure. Vicky had an aunt called Edie: I guess it's she. Again, 'Tean' is her father's sister Christina (Bennett) Robertson.

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