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After Fernhurst

The Browns moved in May 1946 from Fernhurst to this house, at 22A Pakington St, Kew The house still stands. The print is inscribed on the back in Vicky's handwriting: 'Love to Aunt. Les & Vic 1946'. The Aunt she means is her father's sister Christina (Bennett) Robertson. The last Fernhurst photo was also taken in 1946, so they had only just moved to this house when these photos were taken.

This one is inscribed on the back: 'Side View. house comes out in centre, and out again other end. Built on slant. Vic'.

And on the back of this one Vicky has written: 'Taken from other Side of Street'. This is obviously a much smaller house than Fernhurst, so perhaps they moved simply because it was easier to manage - and also was on one level.

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