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Gillard/Robertson Genealogies

My father was a Gillard. The French name comes (as Gaillard) from Normandy, early 16C, but the paternal line lived from then for about nine generations in Martock, Somerset, until one left for Victoria, Australia, mid-19C.

My mother was a Robertson. They were Shetland crofters, and left - again for Victoria - again mid-19C.

Gillards and Hills

Nicolas Gaillard (1500-1547) and eleven generations of his Gillard descendants, one of whom was...

Robert Dyer Gillard

Robert Dyer Gillard, the Gillard who brought my bit of the family to Australia, in 1852. Born in Martock, Somerset, he was the father of...

William Edgar Gillard

William Edgar Gillard (husband of Ethel May Hill, whose father was William Samuel Hill, who was also the father of Leslie Lewis Hill). His wife was Margaret ROBERTS Hill. William Edgar Gillard was the father of William Robert Gillard and...

David Michael Gillard

David Michael Gillard (more photos here) whose wife was...

Mary Linda Gillard

Mary Linda Robertson Gillard (large collection of photos of her there) whose son is ...

Garry Michael Gillard

Garry Michael Gillard

Robertsons and Bennetts

Arthur Robertson

Arthur Robertson (1815-1896) and his children with Margaret Henderson (1812-?) father of...

Robert Robertson

Robert Robertson (1853-1941) and his children with Mary Cairns (1861-1942) and also...

James Robertson

James Robertson (1841-1905) was the Robertson who brought my mother's family to Australia, in about 1865. His wife was Frances Halls (1848-1924). He was the father of...

James Need Robertson

James Need Robertson (1877-1953) - some photos. He married...

Christina Bennett Robertson

Christina Bennett (1880-1968) - some photos; she was the daughter of...

Henry Bennett (1835-?) and his children with Christina Patterson; he was also greatgrandfather of...

Coral Browne

Coral Browne (1913-1991) - my second cousin: a scrapbook

Here's a jpg of my family tree going back five generations. Here's one with eleven.

How many of my ancestors were born in Australia? Eight.

The Gillard who came to Australia in 1852, from Martock, Somerset, was Robert Dyer Gillard. There's a Gillard book, by Jeffrey J. Gillard (v.i.).

The particular Robertson family of which I am a member came to Australia in the person of Arthur Robertson, from Shetland, in 1863, with and followed by some of his children. Another of his descendants, Margaret Worrall, has produced an exhaustive genealogy of this family in book form.


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Gillard, Jeffrey J. 1978, Thick on the Ground: A Story of Van Diemen's Land and of Free Settler George Gillard, his ancestors and descendants 1572-1809-1978 (with brief references to other early Australian Gillard families), Printed [privately] for the Author in Melbourne Victoria, Limited Edition.

Palmer, Alex 2006, Yundamindra: Its Towns, Mines, People and Station, Hesperian Press, Carlisle, WA.

Worrall, Margaret 2004, The Folk from the Wind Wound Isle: The Story of Margaret Henderson and Arthur Robertson and their Descendants in Australia, privately published, Whitfield, Cairns.


Thanks to the many relatives who did the real work reflected on this website, on this page and elsewhere: Jeffrey J. Gillard, Margaret Worrall, Jessica Worrall, Adrian Spall, Barbara Cohen, Joyce Hargreaves, Steward Hogan, Raymond Burt, Lillian Sprouting, Ronda Wicks (Eller), and her Gillard family pages (now gone from her page but still available from the archive).

iFamily for Mac , an excellent genealogical program for Mac, GED exportable, inexpensive and well supported

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