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Here's a sample lecture, some thoughts on E.M. Forster and A Passage to India. (As it's only a teaser, links in that file to other lectures and to the Study Guide won't work.)

  • Forster lecture

    Other examples of material provided include this bibliography, this section from some notes intended to help with the concept of postmodernism, and this list of the 1995 texts.

    Students were required to write one formal essay. Here is one such paper, which was made available for others to read:

  • Daniel Narbett, 'The postmodern literary tradition: intertextuality into hypertextuality'

    Students were required to read a paper in a tutorial, and strongly encouraged (although not absolutely required) to hand it to their tutor for more careful consideration. The same standard of presentation was not required as for the formal essay. If, for some reason, they could not present the paper orally, they had to hand it in instead, and the higher standard of presentation was required. Here is a tutorial paper, which again was made available for other students:

  • Tarron-Jaye Watson, 'In what ways do Freud's case histories contest the status of narrative fiction?'
    H237 Narrative Fiction 2 was the first Murdoch University unit to be made fully available on the Web that was actually used by students. I was the unit coordinator, lecturer, tutor, and HTML author. These are some samples, to give an idea of what was offered.

    I have just completed a book called Empowering Readers: Ten Approaches to Narrative, which arose from my teaching the unit. Here is a description, and a sample chapter.

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