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In Touch: Newsletter for the Murdoch University Alumni, 1, 2, August 1992: page 3 (included inside Murdoch News 19, 5)

First card for Murdoch's first graduate

[caption] Murdoch R&I Bank Manager Michael Maher presents a replica of the first Visa card to lecturer Garry Gillard. Photo: Brian Richards. >

Benefits for both the Alumni and the University are the dividends of the Murdoch University Visa Card, which was launched at this year's Open Day.

The Visa Card was launched by the General Manager of Retail Banking for the R&I Bank of Western Australia, Mr David Taylor, before an audience including foundation students, members of the current staff who hold Murdoch degrees, previous wardens of Convocation and members of the Standing Committee of Convocation.

The card offers everything normally available to Visa customers, and some special discounts and benefits not available to regular card holders.

In a two-way flow of benefits, cardholders also help the University, as each time the card is used, the R&I makes a donation to Murdoch.

The Murdoch University Visa Card is part of the Murdoch Alumni Drive, also launched on Open Day, a campaign by the Development and Alumni Office to locate former students and encourage them to register as alumni.

Since Murdoch was inaugurated in 1975 nearly 20,000 people have had formal contact with the University, either as staff members or students.

"The aim of the Murdoch Alumni Drive is to find as many former students as possible, with a view to setting up an Alumni Association early next year," said Development and Alumni Officer Rob Osborn.

"In two week's time we'll be mailing out to all of our former students offering them the opportunity to take up the Visa Card."

The first Murdoch University Visa Card was presented to Mr Garry Gillard, a Lecturer in the External Studies Unit.

Mr Gillard has the distinction of being the first graduate from Murdoch and the third student enrolled into the fledgling university.

"I'm intending to travel overseas and I was aware of the acceptability of the Visa Card," said Mr Gillard.

The Alumni Card was developed in conjunction with the R&I Bank, as part of the Bank's 'affinity' card scheme.

"Such cards are issued to particular groups of people, such as an alumni group, who have a common interest that the R&I recognises as worthwhile," said Mr Michael Maher, Manager of the Murdoch branch of the R&I.

The distinctive design of the card, featuring the Alumni banksia logo, was devised by Community Relations Section desktop designer, Adam White.

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