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I maintained 1995-2008 a large Murdoch University website known as the Culture and Communication Reading Room - which had passed 60000 hits when the counter broke. [I returned to this site in 2015, long after retirement, and redesigned the whole thing, changing every page.]

The Reading Room was under the auspices of the Centre for Research in Culture and Communication, for which I also maintained the web presence 1995-2003.

Functioning to some extent as a seminar series for the Centre for Research in Culture and Communication was our "paper in a pub" seminar, PubTalk, for which I was convenor 1990-91 and webmaster 1990-2004.

I first created The Humanities Manual in 1991. It might now be available somewhere on the official Division server. If it's not: here's an older version.
If you can't find that, here's the Library's Guide to Citation.

And here's my Australian universities directory. I no longer maintain this; I put it up before there was such a directory anywhere else on the Web.

I have also supported various other community information pages. For the University community, for example, I made pages for graduate Jennifer Gherardi's Jag Films' Choice Funerals. And for the wider community, there is my list of links for the South Pacific. Again, I no longer maintain these sites: their usefulness has been overtaken by many others.