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G a r r y   G i l l a r d :   E d u c a t i o n a l   Q u a l i f i c a t i o n s

I am proud to be the First Graduate of Murdoch University, according to the Alumni Office, as the person with the lowest enrolment number to receive a degree at the first graduation ceremony, in 1977. (My student number ends ...003: the other two didn't finish their degrees.)

I entered MU in 1974—the year before undergraduate teaching commenced at the new University—in a cohort of 19 or 20 graduate students.

I was awarded my MPhil in 1977, and then later my PhD in 1994.

My first completed qualification, 1963, was a Teachers Certificate from the then Claremont Teachers College. This is the equivalent of what is now a BA from Edith Cowan University.

I completed a Bachelor of Arts degree at the University of Western Australia in 1965, but I had to give the parchment back when I converted it into an Honours degree, which was completed in 1973.

It was on the basis of that degree that I was awarded one of the first scholarships to Murdoch University. I took that up in May 1974, having resigned from my job teaching English Literature and French at Christ Church Grammar School, Claremont, Western Australia.

In between the two parts of my BA, I gained a Dip Ed from UWA, 1970.

Among my other qualifications are a Grad Dip Distance Ed from SACAE (now University of SA), 1986, and a Certificate in Distance Education, AECS 1989.

I also began working towards a Law degree externally from the University of Queensland, but decided I was too old for a completely different career, and ceased after the one year, in 1987.

I can also claim AMusA (failed, 1961).