Ale Ale Glorious Ale

As sung by Danny Spooner on A Wench and a Whale and a Pint of Good Ale, 1966

Ale, ale, glorious ale
Served up in pewter it tells its own tale
Some folks like radishes
Some curleye kale
But give I boiled parsnips
And a great dish of taters
And a lump of fatty bacon
And a pint of good ale

When I was a young man my father did say
Summer is coming and it's time to make hay
Now when hay is carted don't you never fail
To drink gaffer's health in a pint of good ale

Now our MP's in parliament, our safety to keep
Now we hope now we put him there, he won't sit and sleep
But they'll all have my vote if they never fail
To keep down the price of a pint of good ale

Garry Gillard | New: 10 October, 2010 | Now: 20 December, 2018