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Cheerly Men

As sung by Danny Spooner, Bold Reilly Gone Away, 2009

Oh Nancy Dawson Hi-o
Chorus: Cheerly men
She's got no drawers on Hi-o
Chorus: Cheerly men
Says our old bosun, Hi-o
Chorus: Cheerly men, oh hauly hi o
Cheerly men

Old Betsy Baker
Slept with a Quaker
She let 'un shake 'er

Old Katie Carson
Slept with a parson
Now she's got his bastard

Old Flo Fannanna
Plays her pianner
With a banana

Young Katie Skinner
Says she's a beginner
She prefers it to a dinner

Oh Sally Hacket
Works on the racket
Give me a packet

Oh Polly Hawkins
She's got white stockings
Yours for the asking

Oh Haughty cocks
Oh split her blocks
And sweat her up

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