Culler Herrin'

As sung by Danny Spooner on Launch out on the Deep, 2002

Buy my culler herrin'
They're bonny fish and halesome farin'
Buy my culler herrin'
Fresh ta'en frae the Forth

When you're sleepin' on your pillow
Think ye ought o' our brave fellows
Darkling on the stony billows
A' to fill their woven willows?

When the bonny creel it passes
Ladies dressed in silks and laces
Gather up their fine pelisses
Turn their heads and screw their faces

Now neighbour's wives content me tellin'
When the bonny fish you're sellin'
At your word be all you're dealin'
Truth will stand when all things fallin'

Buy my culler herrin'
They're no' brought here without brave darin'
Buy my culler herrin'
Ye dinna ken their worth

Garry Gillard | New: 12 November, 2010 | Now: 9 August, 2016