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The Rambling Beauty

Danny Spooner and Friends, 1978

Oh once I courted a fair young woman
I courted her to be my own
But she proved cruel unto her jewel
The truth to you it shall be known

A chain of gold I gave unto her
Likewise pretty wedding ring
The chain of gold she did accept it
But would not after wedding ring

The chain of gold she hung around her neck
And every morning were in my view
She said, 'Begone you tarry sailor
For I can get better lads than you'

I went unto her own dear mother
Thinking she would prove my friend

But she proved cruel just like her daughter
And for the officer did send
She cried, 'You dog, you've ruined my daughter
So surely punished you shall be'

Six months and more on bread and water
In prison strong they confinded me

My sentence past, I went to London city
And my false love I chanced to meet
I saw her down in some door a-begging
And I myself now in high estate

And when I spoke to this pretty woman
She on her bended knees did fall
Saying, 'Kind sir, I ask your pardon
My cruel mother was my downfall'

I put my hand into my pocket
And I pulled out one half-a-crown
She says, 'Kind sir, that is better to me
Than unto you five hundred pound'

Now with their tears this couple parted
And she lies now in Bedlam strong
Confessing she is well rewarded
For doing this poor sailor wrong

Transcribed by Garry Gillard

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