The Spinner's Wedding

Danny Spooner, Gorgeous, Game Girls, 2013

This industrial song from the Scottish Tradition tells of the happiness of colleagues about the forthcoming wedding of a friend. Industrial spinners had a hard life - but would her married life be any easier? It's unlikely, but they all hoped well for her.

Oh the boss is looking worried for the flatts are in a stir,
Jessie Brody's getting marrit and the morra she'll no' be here.

Hurrah haroo a daddy-O, hurrah haroo a daddy-O,
Hurrah haroo a daddy-O, Jessie's getting marrit-O

The shifter and the piecer they gaed doon the toon the neet,
Tae buy a wee bit present just tae mak her hame look bright.

They bought a china teapot and a chaunty fu' o' salt,
A bonny coloured carpet, and a kettle and a pot.

The shifters they are singing and the piecers dancin' tae.
The boss is lookin' worrit but there's naethin' he can dee.

Here's t' you ma' bonny lassie standin' by ye'r spinnin' frame,
May ye aye hae fu' and plenty in ye'r wee bit hame.

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