Yangtze River Shanty

As sung by Danny Spooner, Bold Reilly Gone Away, 2009

My lotus lady I shall see no more
Chorus: Away boys away oh
Since I left her on the China shore
Chorus: Away boys lift and walk away

Away boys away oh
Blow me down that Yangtze River
Way boys lift and walk away

When we first met she was like a queen
Prettiest little thing that I had ever seen

She'd flashing eyes and a-long black hair
And all I could do was a-stand and stare

The sweetest flower my Yangtze honey
A home-good girl she spent my money

I bought her silks and a golden comb
Trouble's over now the anchor's home

I'd blowed my silver for to win her
But there's nothing left but pork for dinner

We're outward bound and the cook's in the galley
Farewell young Moon of the Yangtze Valley

Garry Gillard | New: 6 November, 2010 | Now: 23 December, 2017