The Copper Family
Coppersongs CD2
This recording is dedicated to the memory of the generations of Coppers and others, without whose legacy of songs there would be little left to tell us what worthwhile lives they had lived.

1. By the Green Grove (3.16) All
2. Old Adam (2.18) John, Jon
3. Sheepshearing Song (2.52) Bob, John
4. Twanky Dillo (3.05) John
5. Dogs and Ferrets (2.06) Bob
6. Shepherd of the Downs (5.29) All
7. Brisk and Lively Lad (4.12) John, Jon
8. Honest Labourer (3.23) Bob
9. Farmer in Cheshire (3.41) Jon
10. When Spring Comes In (2.37) All
11. Irish Girl (3.35) Bob
12. The Christmas Song (2.42) John, Jon
13. Charming Molly (1.35) Bob
14. Brisk and Bonny Lad (1.43) All
15. Banks of the Sweet Primroses (3.12) Bob
16. Gentlemen of High Renown (3.00) All

Notes by Bob Copper.
Recorded, edited and mastered by the remarkable Piers Bishop.
Recorded in Chalvington Church during May 1995, with kind thanks to the rector for the use of the church, and to the villagers of Chalvington who desisted from the use of lawnmowers throughout the duration of the recording.
Design by Jon Dudley.
Also available as a cassette: CT2.
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