The Copper Family
The Legacy Continues
Coppersongs CD3

For this, the third Copper family album, Bob Copper (83 years old) is joined by his two children and, for the first time, his six grandchildren. This welcome addition means that this is the seventh consecutive generation of Coppers to sing the family songs. Also celebrated is the Centenary of the English Folk Song Society, founded in 1898, in whose first journal was published a selection of songs collected from James (Brasser) Copper (Bob's grandfather) and his brother Tom from the village of Rottingdean, Sussex. To mark their historic contribution, the two brothers were made honorary founder members of the society, October 1998.

1. Claudy Banks Ben, Andy, Lucy, Mark, Tom, Sean
2. Spencer the Rover Bob, Jill, John, Jon
3. Warlike Seamen Ben, John
4. Sweet Lemeney Jill, Lucy
5. Hard Times of Old England Bob
6. Echoing Horn Bob, Jill, John, Jon
7. Wind Across the Moor John, Jon
8. Month of May John, Jill
9. Bold Fisherman Ben, Andy, Mark, Sean
10. Dame Durden Bob, John
11. The Bold Dragoon John, Jon
12. Babes in the Wood Bob, Jill, John, Jon
13. Seamen Bold Bob
14. Bold Britons John, Jon
15. Two Young Brethren Ben, Andy, Tom, Mark, Sean
16. Admiral Benbow Jon
17. Shepherds Arise Bob, Jill, John, Jon

Notes by Bob Copper, Peacehaven, October 1998.
Design by Jon Dudley.
Recording by Piers Bishop of Fine Tuning.
CD reproduction by Sound Recording Technology.
All photography courtesy of Adrian Turner.
John and Jill are Bob's son and daughter. They have three children each. John's children (behind him) are Ben, Lucy and Tom. Jill's three sons (behind her) are Mark, Andy and Sean. Jill's husband is Jon Dudley. New: 4 November 1998 | Now: 4 November 2001 | HTML author: Garry Gillard