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Never Staying Still/Go Go Go

never gogogo

Never Staying Still

1989 Cassette/CD Tracklist

Changing as They Will 3:30
Don't Walk Away 2:18
Down the Street 3:03
Goofy Lover 3:51
Got to Get You Off My Mind 3:29
Moody Boyfriend 3:26
Moving on Down the Line 4:24
Passion Like a Tango 3:25
Round the Bend 2:16
Tripped and Fell 3:44

Go Go Go

Vinyl EP Tracklist

Go Go Go
Kissing in the Kitchen
Mama Don't Let Him In
Teenage Wedding
Blinky Bell
See You Later
You Be My Baby

jt and nansing

The Jam Tarts with the Nansing Quartet (a six-piece band).
Tarts: Anna Gare on the ladder, Jody Bell seated right, Sophie Gare (Elton) and Lucy Lemann on the floor.
The men may be, from left, Peter 'Biff' Vincent, Brian Fitzgerald, tba (Peter Bell or Neale Austin?), Sam Lemann (floor), Adam Gare (top), Lucky Oceans (seated), and Ron Fleckner.

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