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Meanwhile Back at the Ranch

Sensitive New Age Cowpersons

COW004, 2004

Love is in the Air (Vanda/Young)
Daddy Wore a Mullet (Fisher)
Howzat (Porter/Mitchell)
Pulling Myself Together (Fisher/Simpson)
Burning Love (Linde)
You Love Me (Fisher/Kuhnl/Simpson/Gare)
Twangin' the Wires (Fisher/Simpson)
Doc Met the Devil (Fisher/Kuhnl/Simpson/Gare)
It Takes Just One Prick(Fisher/Simpson)
You've Lost that Lovin' Feeling (Mann/Weill/Spector)
They Never Mention the Flies (Fisher/Simpson)
The Sound of Music (Rodgers & Hammerstein)

The lineup on the fourth CD is (L-R on the CD cover) Adam Gare (mandolin), Jim Fisher (guitar), Fred Kuhnl (double bass), Ian Simpson (banjo). As far as I know, everyone sings.

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