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This CD Will Change Your Life

Sensitive New Age Cowpersons

COW001, 1995

Viva las Vegas (Pomus/Shuman)
Grief Pain and Heartache (Fisher/Reed)
Tower of Strength (Bacharach/Hilliard)
Cowboy Ways (Fisher)
Rock and Roll Heaven (Fisher)
Whales are Whales (Fisher/Reed)
Highway to Hell (Scott/Young/Young)
Georgie Girl Rap (Dale/Springfield)
Love is like a T-bone Steak (Fisher/Reed)
Purple Haze (Jimi Hendrix)
Guru Won't You Please Come Home (Fisher/Reed)
Advance Australia Fair (McCormick)

The lineup on this first CD is (L-R on the CD cover) Martin Randall (banjo), John Reed (cittern), Jim Fisher (guitar), Fred Kuhnl (double bass). Everyone sings.

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