Steve Turner

Jigging One Now

Steve Turner, Jigging One Now, Fellside FE0 18, 1979

Side One:
1. The Squid Jigging Ground (Arthur Reginald Scammell)
2. Salt Creek/ Hare-lipped Susie/ The Growling Old Man and the Cackling Old Woman
3. Johnny Laddie
4. Bonnie Annie
5. Few Days

Side Two:
1. Make and Break Harbour (Stan Rogers)
2. The Bracelet/ Jack's Getting a Wife (slip jigs) The Skippers Wedding Song/ All Hands Upon Deck/ Morpeth Lasses (reels)
3. The North Sea Tug (Harry Robertson)
4. Down by the Greenwood Side
5. The Keepers and the Drivers

Steve Turner, vocals, tenor-treble English concertina, bass concertina, mandolin, guitar, Fylde bouzouki, Octave mandola
Sara Grey, string banjo, harmony vocals
Nic Jones, guitar, fiddle
Ellie Ellis, harmony vocals
Richard Smith, hurdy gurdy
Paul Metsers, guitar, harmony vocals

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