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Canny Fettle, Varry Canny, Tradition TSR023, 1975

Here's the Tender, Liberty for Sailors
Owre da Moors ta Maggie, Green Grow da Rushes, Da Nipping Ground, Oot An'in da Harbour
Bonny Light Horseman
Oakey Strike Evictions (Tommy Armstrong)
Shew's the Way to Wallington, Andrew Carr, Long Room at Scarborough, Peacock Followed the Hen
Another Round (Richard Barret)
Varry Canny (Joe Wilson)
Go to Berwick, Johnny, Be Merry and Wise
Erin's Green Shore
Cooper of Stannerton Heugh, Black and the Grey, Random Jig, jigs
Elsie Marley, Fill the Tankard
Gipsy's Lullaby

Canny Fettle, Trip To Harrogate, 1977
Tradition TRS 027 LP, UK, 1977
[These are all tunes, as opposed to songs.]

Open The Door To Thee-Anon-Long Room At Scarborough
Touzle Your Kerchie
Morgan Rattler
Lovely Nancy
Lovesick Polly-Tankard Of Ale
Trip To The Bath-Trip To Harrogate
Lady Barnsley's Fancy-The Maggie Dance
The Four Seasons
The Brickmakers
Trip To Castle Howard
The Musical Lovers
Welcome Here Again-Mary Eleanor
The Musical Society
Cuddy Clumps
Wetherby Grange-The Grove-La Belle Catherine
I Would But I Dare Not-New Lango Lee
Green Bracken
Ladies Plaything-The Green Box
Five Tunes

Steve Turner, Outstack
Fellside FR018, 1979
Fellside cassette FR018C, 1988

Plains of Waterloo
Barrett's Privateers
The Red Joak
The Isle of St Helena/Spaílpin A Rún
The Flowers of Bermuda
Valentine O'Hara
Farewell Dearest Nancy
Saxa Vord/Da Saandie Burn Reel
The Cruel Sister
Is Your Love In Vain

Steve Turner, Jigging One Now
Fellside FE030, 1982

The Squid Jigging Ground
Salt Creek/ Hare-lipped Susie/ The Growling Old Man and the Cackling Old Woman
Johnny Laddie
Bonnie Annie
Few Days
Make and Break Harbour
The Bracelet/ Jack's Getting a Wife (slip jigs).The Skippers Wedding Song/ All Hands Upon Deck/ Morpeth Lasses (reels)
The North Sea Tug
Down by the Greenwood Side
The Keepers and the Drivers

Steve Turner, Eclogue
Fellside FEO42, 1984

The Wounded Whale
White Copper Alley
Prospect Providence
The Old Manchester Hornpipe
The Boomers Story
The Girls of Glossop Road
The Diamantina Drover
Napoleon's Farewell to Paris
The Bunch of Rushes
Lord Thomas of Winesbury
Me and my Uncle
Tamlin/ Carlisle/ Francis T. Robertson - Reels

Steve Turner, Braiding
Fellside FEO58, 1986

Glendy Burk/ Swanee River Hornpipe
The Lorry Ride
Nelly was a Lady
Joe Liddy's Reels
Emily Jane
Hard Times
a) Napoleon's Dream
b) Napoleon's Grand March
c) Bonaparte Crossing the Rhine
d) A New Song: Bonaparte's Escape from Russia
e) Bonaparte's Retreat

Steve Turner, The Whirligig of Time
Tradition Bearers LTCD1103, 2008

The Isle of St Helena
The Dry Cardrona
The Poor and Single Sailor
Bonnie George Campbell
The Rambling Beauty
The Glendy Burke
Young Waters<
The Gold Watch
Sir Colvin
The Brave Dudley Boys
Where'er you Walk

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