Canny Fettle: Trip to Harrogate

Canny Fettle, Trip To Harrogate, 1977
Tradition TRS 027 LP, UK, 1977

Open The Door To Thee-Anon-Long Room At Scarborough
Touzle Your Kerchie
Morgan Rattler
Lovely Nancy
Lovesick Polly-Tankard Of Ale
Trip To The Bath-Trip To Harrogate
Lady Barnsley's Fancy-The Maggie Dance
The Four Seasons
The Brickmakers
Trip To Castle Howard
The Musical Lovers
Welcome Here Again-Mary Eleanor
The Musical Society
Cuddy Clumps
Wetherby Grange-The Grove-La Belle Catherine
I Would But I Dare Not-New Lango Lee
Green Bracken
Ladies Plaything-The Green Box
Five Tunes

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