Canny Fettle: Varry Canny

Tradition TSR023, 1975

  1. Here's the Tender, Liberty for Sailors
  2. Owre da Moors ta Maggie, Green Grow da Rushes, Da Nipping Ground, Oot an 'in da Harbour
  3. Bonny Light Horseman (vocal Steve Turner)
  4. Oakey Strike Evictions (Tommy Armstrong)
  5. Shew's the Way to Wallington, Andrew Carr,
  6. Long Room at Scarborough, Peacock Followed the Hen
  7. Another Round (Richard Barret) (vocal Steve Turner)
  8. Varry Canny (Joe Wilson)
  9. Go to Berwick (vocal Steve Turner)
  10. Johnny, Be Merry and Wise
  11. Erin's Green Shore (vocal Steve Turner)
  12. Cooper of Stannerton Heugh, Black and the Grey, Random Jig, jigs
  13. Elsie Marley, Fill the Tankard
  14. Gipsy's Lullaby

Bob Diehl, fiddle
Gerry Murphy, English concertina, small pipes, whistle
Steve Turner, banjo, mandolin
Bob Morton, guitar

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