Perth Modern School

I attended Perth Modern School 1956-1960. These are some random photos of my cohort.


I think this was taken on David Norgard's twentieth birthday, so the year would have been 1963, when we all turned 20, except for Geoffrey Michaels, who was a year ahead of his age.

Ed Lazarus, Rick Ould, Geoff Owen, John Coxon, Rob Bower, Mick Manning, David Steinberg, Trevor Cole
Garry Gillard, Graeme Blackman, Peter Cooper, Roger Atkinson, Phil Harvey, Bill Bowden, Brian Robermann (deckchair)
Geoff Lilburne, David Norgard, Geoffrey Michaels, Denis McLeod, Michael Phillips, dog


David Norgard, Wendy Dowsett (Fenton), Bruce Williams, Patsy Collins. I'm guessing this was taken on that one day of the year - Sports Day - 1960? - when the girls wore the 'summer uniform', which was all white. Wendy was told off for wearing a blouse which was b/w striped.

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