Perth Modern School

I attended Perth Modern School 1956-1960, and the 50th reunion, 24 October 2010. These are the few photos I took on that occasion.

I only took half a dozen snaps - and not of people, but only in and on the belltower. These are the last flights of stairs to the platform.

Some of us wondered where the wooden chairs from the hall had gone. We found fifteen of them up here in the tower.
One of these fifteen chairs had the name Lutz on it. Edeline Lutz was one of my teachers at Maylands Primary School. When I got a scholarship to PMS at the end of 1955, Miss Lutz made a point of telling me that when I got there I might see a chair with her name on it. I did occasionally look for it while I was at Mod, but never saw it until ... 2010: fifty-five years later! She was at Mod 1923-27.

Once outside, we could closely admire the castellated belltower. Old tower, new flagpole.

The belltower is still equipped with a bell, which we all had a go at ringing. Well, we'd waited more than fifty years for the opportunity!

I guess the little tower thingy might be called a belvedere.

That's Roger Atkinson, not only another old boy, but also an ex-colleague from Murdoch University.

This is an unofficial photo of the group at the reunion. The woman who took the professional one sent me an expensive copy in which I was the only person blinking, and I'm sure it was the only time I blinked, and that was only because she took so bloody long to take about ten shots. So I won't rip off her copyrighted photo here, but only because it's poor. I'm in the front row, fourth from the right, one of the two bearded guys; the other one is Frank Campbell. The photo was taken by Frank's partner Holly. They came all the way from Southern California for the reunion.


I didn't attend the 2006 reunion, unfortunately. If I had, I would have seen some of these people for the last time. Lex Watson, for example (first row, left). Next to Lex is Jan Ranford, as I knew her in our German class (she's now Janet Holmes a Court), and next to her is her bestie, Sandy Stock, now Sandra White. Phil Harvey, school captain of our year, is front right. The photo is courtesy of Geoff Owen, third from the left in the fourth row (counting up from the bottom). Click on the image for a larger version. I could go on.

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