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These are some photos taken in the 1950s at the house in Maylands where I lived, with the Brownie Box six-20 Model D camera I still have. The house no longer exists.


Me on my first bike: a 24", one down from fullsize. It had a back-pedal brake, and that's all. And there was only one type of handlebars in those days. Later, on my seventeeth birthday, I was given a Vespa scooter, and, until I got a licence, used to ride it around the barkyard. I knocked down that grapevine in this photo.


Sitting on Rod's short wheel base Land Rover with Dalwallinu plates. I loved that car, and learnt to drive in it, tho I could never drive it like Rod. To go out spotlight shooting (cf. Wake in Fright) he would take the windows and driver's door off and put the windscreen down, and steer through the dark paddock with one hand while shooting roos with a shotgun (!) with the other.


Another shot so that you can better admire my Kramer cut (named for an American tennis-player called Jack Kramer — as opposed to a crewcut it was flat on the top) and my mocassins, which I thought were so cool (before we started to use the word for that :)

The Kramer cut again, this time with Mum's workroom in the background. Grandad had enclosed the side verandah room by room, as the need arose. The next room to the left was my bedroom. It wasn't very well sealed as the outer 'wall' was that lattice.


It's about 1960 now, so I'm 16, and my mother on the left is 45, while her mother on the right is 80. Christina Robertson nee Bennett was born in 1880.


OK, that's too many photos of me — but it is my camera. Just admire our fine lemon tree.


Here's Mum again, posing with her cat, Smokey, I think, and my only pet ever behind her: Tootsie, a fat, part fox terrier.


Not posing this time, but caught in a random moment in a shaft of light. Yes, the photo got ruined somehow, but it still means a lot to me.


A major feature of the Maylands backyard was this enormous mulberry tree. I remember climbing it in 1957 to watch Sputnik cross the sky —¬†as if it made any difference being that much higher! Here's Thia near the top.


Back to Tootsie, here she is sitting up for Dave. Social historians should note the clothes prop bottom left: this is before we got the Hills Hoist. And behind Dad is the Coolgardie safe: they were used before refrigeration, even before the ice chest. Water dripped from a reservoir on the top onto the hessian fabric which covered the sides of the safe, cooling the contents by using what I learnt at school had something to do with the latent heat of evaporation. That's the mulberry tree, of course — or a tiny bit of it.


Tootsie again, giving her undivided attention to whatever was in the cage: I've forgotten; but it was something dogs are interested in, like a cat or a bird.

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