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These are some photos taken of schooldays friends with the Brownie Box six-20 Model D camera I still have.

dave feldman

I met David Feldman at high school (Perth Modern School) so this must be about 1958. That's the Feldman house in Central Avenue Inglewood: it was still there last time I looked, just before Hamer Parade, and a few hundred metres from the thermometer which records 'Perth's' official temperatures. Sadly, Dave died in his 30s. Great guy.

This is Juri (George) Martinskis, from a Latvian family who would have come here as refugees from the Soviet occupation. George I knew at primary school, so this is about 1955, like most of the photos.


George again, but with his glasses on.


The lads who lived across the road, Graeme Brierley on the right; I've forgotten the name of the other one. ... I'm now getting the name Bell, and maybe he was another Graeme - or Graham Bell. But there was a famous guy called that, so that might be wrong.


And two more boys whose names I've forgotten after sixty years, posing for my 'artistic' photo at Araluen. The people in the background are politely waiting until I've taken the snap. I came to loathe the idea of the place after attending a Young Australia League camp there.

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