The central feature of Cottesloe beach is the Indiana Tea Rooms, and this is the classic shot, from the groyne.

Or we can zoom in on the Indiana Tea Rooms.

Another classic shot, looking southwest past the ITR to the groyne.

Most of the photos here were taken in April 2006, but this one is from October 2009, and taken from the same vantage point as the previous one, only with with maximum zoom on my cheap camera. The fathers of a couple of the kids might be able to pick them out.

Here's the groyne again, as seen from south of the ITR/surf club.

And the reverse shot.

Part of Cottesloe Surf Club is ideally positioned beneath the ITR.

Finally, the front entrance of the ITR - and a girl doing ... something ... to her bf.

Just south of the main beach is an enormous sundial.

The gnomon of the huge sundial

You can actually tell the time fairly accurately - but the resolution here is not high enough for you to read off the minutes.

Across the road from the beach is the Cottesloe Hotel - a nice little earner, I believe.

With Vespas. I had a couple of them (not at the same time).

Also over the road: the Golf Club - the Seaview, of course.

Further along, my favourite house, now completely renovated at last after many years.

And further along again, this wonderful-looking OAPH. Put me in here!

The path above the beach looking northwards back at Cott.

Looking south from Cott to the container cranes at Freo.

I think these are gannets. And surfers.

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