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Sailing Club, East Street Jetty, the Roxy Cinema


I used to sail on a VJ (Vaucluse Junior) here, with one or other of the Chambers twins, Ron and Colin.


This VJ is on display in the Fremantle Maritime Museum.



The caption for this photo from the Maylands Historical Society Flickr site is 'East St Jetty in the early 20th century'.

Maylands Swimming Club


I first swam here. I had school lessons at the Crawley Baths, but failed to actually start swimming as a result. I eventually did it on my own - in about 1955. So this photo is just how I remember the Maylands Swimming Club (tho I never competed, nor was a member). The larger jetty, in the foreground, had an elevated diving board on the end.


In 1957 I was 13, so of an age with some of these kids, but I see no faces I recall.


The facilities were basic. I don't recall needing to use the change rooms.



If this is the 1950s, I suggest it's earlier rather than later in the decade, from the costumes, as well as the absence of the jetties referred to.


Roxy Picture Gardens, 240 Guildford Road, cnr Falkirk Avenue (1933-1962). We were here every Friday night no matter what the film was, sitting on the hard wooden benches in front of the more expensive area which had deckchairs, in which we never sat. One memory: Herb Robinson, the owner, had an actual policeman patrolling inside when there was potential for trouble, like screening Rock around the Clock (1956). I actually got thrown out by the cop merely for clapping my hands to Bill Haley's music. The film advertised in the poster in the image above seems to be She Married a Cop, which was released in 1939, but I doubt the photo is as old as that, judging by the bus.

Herb Robinson also owned the Lyric Theatre (1923-1961) in Eighth Avenue. We used to go to the Lyric on Saturday afternoons before we graduated to the Roxy on Friday nights.

References and Links

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Maylands Yacht Club history — and pictorial page (pdf).

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Page for the Roxy at cinematreasures .org.

See also: Maylands Primary School.

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