Andrew lunches at Mosmans

This is Mosmans Restaurant, in Mosman Bay. The table at which Andrew lunched is the one at the extreme RHS. He's not there right now, as he has dined, and is out here on the jetty.

Here he is, with the The Coombe behind him. Can you make out the crane in the distance? Andrew likes cranes.

This is the Swan Canoe Club, or so the sign says. Andrew has stories to tell about that jetty. He told me one.

There are seven stinkboats moored on the jetty out from Mosmans. Andrew wonders how the owners get to them when the restaurant is closed.

Andrew is pretending he owns this stinkboat.

I suggest he should look as tho he's enjoying it.

Andrew is about to leave, so here's a last look at his table, just through the doors.

We then walk around Peppermint Grove, and Andrew thinks this house (St Just) is worthy of note.

In another part of the Grove, opposite the tennis courts, we look at the site where there used to be eight or nine houses, including Talbot Hobbs's The Bungalow at 38 Keane St, all of which Warren Anderson knocked down - because he could. This is the biggest 'house' I've ever seen under construction. It's as deep as it is wide. The puny humans on top give you an idea of the size of the thing.

And here's a sign at the entrance, which may tell you something about the owners who presumably will occupy it. Update: Pankaj and Radhika Oswal never finished the house and left the country under a cloud. Peppermint Grove Council plan to seize and sell it. Further update: the building has been removed.

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