Niue 1984

I was in Niue in May 1984. At the time, I was the Coordinator of Course Development for the University of the South Pacific, based in Suva, Fiji. It was seen by my Director as a good thing that I should travel to some of the other countries served by USP, so I arranged a trip to Samoa, Tonga and Niue.

Here are the only four photos I took while in Niue.

This is the place called Grave Point. It's right beside the main (and almost only) road, in the main settlement.

In 2004 Niue - and the capital Alofi in particular - was hit by Cyclone Heta which caused extensive damage. I'm fairly sure that this building no longer exists.

I hope I'm right in remembering that this was the Niue Hotel. I believe it was also either destroyed or badly damaged in 2004.

As I recall there was only one landing in the country (tho there is also an airport, which is just barely long enough for a Boeing 707 to land and take off). This is because Niue is a raised coral atoll, so has no beaches. As I was watching, a fisherman came in from the open sea in his outrigger canoe, got out, picked it up, and walked up the landing.

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