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Quiz 14: Coen brothers films

Questions are about titles/names. They're not meant to be easy. This is Hard Quiz - and this is your special topic.

1. Where did the Coens get the title for their first film, Blood Simple (1984)?

2. In Raising Arizona (1987), what is Arizona's first name?

3. In Miller's Crossing (1990) why is one of the characters called 'The Dane'?

4. In Barton Fink (1991), what is the title of Barton Fink's social-realist melodrama which was successful in New York? (And where did he get it?)

5. Why is Fargo (1996) a rather misleading title?

6. In The Big Lebowski (1997), who played the other one? (And in what other Coen film did he play the leading role?)

7. Whence the title of O Brother Where Art Thou? (2000)?

8. Who was the leader of the first group of Ladykillers (1940) and who was the Coens' (2004)?

9. From what poem by what poet does the title of No Country for Old Men (2007) come?

10. In The Tragedy of Macbeth (Joel Coen, 2021) whose nepowife plays Mrs Macbeth? (And how many children did the Lady have?)


The image is that of the trickster, aka magus, from a Tarot pack.

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