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Quiz 15: 'Best' Australian films

Questions about films I personally consider among the best of all Australian features.

1. What was it about the dead body the fishermen discover in Jindabyne (Ray Lawrence, 2006) that becomes the main plot point of the film?

2. What was Canadian Ted Kotcheff's one Australian film? (He also directed the first Rambo film in 1982, First Blood.) It was also Chips Rafferty's last film and Jack Thompson's first feature.

3. Which film featured fictional (as well as real) footage from the 1954 Redex (round-Australia reliability) Trial?

4. Who played the part of Jenny Agutter's young brother in Walkabout (Nicolas Roeg, 1971)?

5. Arkie Whiteley, Brett's daughter, died so young that she only had time to appear in three Australian features (and two in the UK). Her last Australian film (of three) was shot by the great Dean Semler and featured the best performance (imo) of Bill Kerr. Directed by Russell Mulcahy, what was this film?

6. The great German director Werner Herzog appeared in two Australian films. One was Where the Green Ants Dream, which he directed himself. What was the other one? It was also (imo) Paul Cox's best film.

7. On more than one film, Ivan Sen has done everything except acting — writing, direction, cinematographer, editor, music, you name it. Which (excellent) film was his first feature?

8. Who knew that when we saw Jacki Weaver naked and submissive in Alvin's fantasy (in Alvin Purple, Tim Burstall, 1973) that she would later be in control (in terms of regal performance) of David Michôd's 2010 film, which restarted her career (off to Hollywood) and began his? Which 2010 film?

9. The background of which film was the Shearers Strike of 1956? (Not much about that ended up in the finished film, which was mostly just a quasi-documentary depiction of shearers' lives in the 1950s.) And do you know the origin of the title?

10. Which well-written 2001 film is about the relationships of six couples: Leon and Sonja, Jane and Pete, Valerie and John, Nik and Paula, Patrick and X, and Claudia and Y?


The image is that of the trickster, aka magus, from a Tarot pack.

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