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These are summary stats for websites I currently maintain, from highest to lowest page views data, with rounded totals in the right-hand column.
I regard this now as my fulltime job, so it's pleasing to see it get a lot of visitors, tho I get almost no feedback apart from these stats. The associated Facebook page gets some interest. (this site)
God alone knows why my personal site is so interesting. Perhaps its mere longevity is the reason.
This used to be my 'day job', but it hasn't become the major reference I hoped it might. There are good reasons for that: IMDb is one.
Members also receive information by occasional emails, and may not depend on the website.
A remarkable number, I think, for a single professional, reflecting James's own hard work out in the real world as actor and voice teacher.
I keep this for pure vanity, just because it's my name with .com after it. There's almost nothing on it.
The Fremantle Park Association has not yet come into existence. The intention is to provide progress reports for future members - who are now members of the Workers, Tennis and Bowls Clubs.
As time passes, and this once famous actress is increasingly forgotten (as is her even more famous husband) fewer people will visit this site.
I put up this site for a friend.

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