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These are stats for websites I maintain, with totals of page views data in the right-hand column. (this site)
Seems to popular with kids writing essays about a couple of African writers I wrote something about in the 1970s.
This used to be my 'day job', but it hasn't become the major reference I hoped it might. There are good reasons for that. One is IMDb.
Quieter during winter. Spring is sprung.
Set to expire 27 January 2020, when Fremantle Park will open and this club will disappear inside that. Park management have made it clear they don't want a free website from this designer.
A remarkable number, I think, for an individual professional, reflecting James's own hard work out in the real world as actor and voice teacher.
Started WA Day 4 June 2018.
This is a new site (tho not Ingle's first) and has only been up for this year.

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