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Times Cryptic Crossword Clue Examples

Here are some more examples (in addition to those given in Times 24633) of cryptic crossword clue types from puzzles published in The Times (of London) newspaper.

Double Definition - two 'definitions' both referring to the same answer

Not even rum? (3) ODD (ST4407) both parts, 'not even' and 'rum' lead to ODD

Walk in the park to get the fresh air? (6) BREEZE (24688)


From cacti Ron produced funny drug (8) NARCOTIC (ST4407) where (cacti Ron)* are the letters in the anagram, and 'from ... produced' is the cumbersome anagind (anagram indicator)

Online version that's current (2,4) EL NINO (24688) The anagind (anagram indicator) is 'version'.

Cryptic Definition - where the clue seems to be referring to something other than it is

Packs for possible future events (5,5) TAROT CARDS (ST4407) Seems to refer to something like camping or travelling, but is actually referring to fortune-telling cards

Fired from one high flying position heading for another (3-2-3) AIR-TO-AIR (24688) Seems to refer to executive positions in commerce, but is actually referring to aerial combat.

Inclusive - or hidden word

Backward hospital omitting to house place for GP (5) IMOLA (24688) - in hospitAL OMItting, reversed. The San Marino G(rand) P(rix) is held in Imola, so GP refers to that, not a General Practitioner.

Charade - one thing after another with also a clue for the whole thing

Thoroughly search artist's new bag (7) RANSACK (ST4407) RA (Royal Academy) is frequently clued as 'artist'; N = new; SACK = bag

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