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The Gusher 1937

By Ian Hay, Prince's Theatre. Alastair Sim played Peter Bogle, a comic Scotsman in this mystery/adventure play about an oil strike. Also in the cast were Christine Barry, Coral Browne, Joan Hickson, Bernard Lee, Jack Livesey, Henry Thompson, Cyril Smith, Percy Parsons, Ivan Samson an Harold Franklin, among a cast of 70! Over seventeen scenes, this is the tale of the search for hidden treasure in the form of oil. The heroic party escapes death at the hands of the natives (complete with witch doctor) and the villain is rolled over a cliff's edge. From a contemporary review in Theatre World: 'One of the best scenes is the coroner's court . . . It is here that Alastair Sim, as Peter Bogle, first puts in an appearance as a dour and argumentative member of the jury ... Mr Sim proves to be a tower of strength on the comedy side.'

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