H237 Narrative Fiction 2 1995

Samples here!

First Murdoch unit on the Web

H237 Narrative Fiction 2 was the first Murdoch University unit to be made fully available on the Web that was actually used by students. During the second semester of 1995, the H237 web pages offered an alternative mode of gaining access to the unit which was taught then. Apart from some photocopied readings, all the material offered in both the internal and external modes was represented here (although it did not replace teaching in those modes): including the Study Guide, lectures, (annotated) bibliographies, questions for consideration, essay topics, and some texts. Some student papers were also made available. I was the coordinator, lecturer, and HTML author.

Here are some samples, to give an idea of what was offered.

I have just completed a book called Empowering Readers: Ten Approaches to Narrative, which arose from my teaching the unit.

Garry Gillard

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