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G a r r y   G i l l a r d :   T e a c h i n g

In my last year of teaching (2008) I coordinated these two courses:

MED231 Australian Cinema
MED116 Introduction to Screen Studies

I had also taught:

A101 Perception, Symbol and Myth
A105 Structure Thought & Reality
H102 Introduction to Cultural Studies (coordinator at Rockingham)
H121 Introduction to World Literature, aka Intro to Literary Studies
H211 Television and Popular Culture (coordinator at Rockingham)
H229 Narrative Fiction I (coordinator)
H232 Screen Texts (coordinator at Rockingham)
H235 Culture and Everyday Life (coordinator at Rockingham)
H237 African Literature (co-coordinator)
H237 Narrative Fiction II (coordinator)
H263 Language Culture & the Unconscious (coordinator)
H288 Literary Theory I
H289 Literary Theory II
H423 Language as Ideology (coordinator)
H424 Comparative Period Study: Classical and Romantic (coordinator)

I mounted the first Murdoch unit to be offered in its entirety on the World Wide Web: H237 Narrative Fiction II. It was accessed by students in second semester 1995 and was available in its entirety (parts of other units were available by that time).