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Copper family. For a number of years, from 28 February 1998, I curated pages for the Copper family. I gave the family my content at the end of 2002, and it was sensitively transformed by Molly Romanov (then Molly Mockford) who was with Pagination Associates at that time.
The family site is at, but now looks rather different (and doesn't mention me :/)
I put my own legacy 20th century content back up here at Xmas 2017.
Reinhard Zierke, at, now has a complete list of Copper tracks and songs.

Bob and Ron Copper sing "The Lark in the Morning":

< The Copper Family with The Young Tradition

Standing behind: Royston Wood (1935-1990, car accident), John Copper, Peter Bellamy (1944-1991, suicide).
Sitting in front: Ron Copper, Heather Wood (1945-), Bob Copper.
Royston Wood and Heather Wood (no relation) and Peter Bellamy were the Young Tradition. Ron (1913-1979), Bob (1915-2004) and Bob's son John were members of the Copper family. The photo might have been taken in the Royal Oak, Lewes: just guessing, and maybe around 1969. Heather Wood wrote to me about it, but I can't find the note.
This is here because I put up the first Copper family website.

Danny Spooner

There is an official Danny Spooner site initiated by his late widow, Gael Shannon, on which recordings were available for sale.
The informational content is also available at


Danny Spooner sings "The Loss of Bob Mahoney":

Watersons and Martin Carthy

I maintained pages for English folk music—for The Watersons and Martin Carthy, and more—from 28 February 1998 to 19 November 2002, when I handed them over to Reinhard Zierke, and some of that content is now at

The Watersons sing "Country Life":

Martin Carthy sings "High Germany":

See also: Joan Baez, and 'Folkwest' 1986-2004, and Ian & Sylvia—and - on another site of mine - music, including: The Sensitive New Age Cowpersons, Hammer and Tongues, Fling, Gary Burke, and more.

Sheet Music Collection

I have the family sheet music collection in a stack in my garage. We lived in the same house from 1933 until the death of my mother in 1988, and the music collection was untouched until just before she died when she apparently allowed someone to go through it and take some items which I remember used to be in it: 'Lullaby of Birdland', for example.

It's in poor condition. However, it's unusual in that I've indexed it. It was all over my study floor for two weeks in 2009 while I laboriously put it into chronological order according to the copyright notice. I also arranged the songs in alphabetical order. I've even written a bit of an index in terms of thematic content.

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