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Copper family. For a number of years, from 28 February 1998, I curated pages for the Copper family. I gave the family my content at the end of 2002, and it was sensitively transformed by Molly Romanov (then Molly Mockford) who was with Pagination Associates at that time.
The family site is at, but now looks rather different (and doesn't mention me :/)
I put my own legacy 20th century content back up here at Xmas 2017.
Reinhard Zierke, at, now has a complete list of Copper tracks and songs.



I maintained pages for English folk music—principally for The Watersons and Martin Carthy—from 28 February 1998 to 19 November 2002, when I handed them over to Reinhard Zierke, and they're now at

Danny Spooner

There will soon be a new official Danny Spooner site which will make all his recordings available. When it appears I will take this subsite down.
The informational content is also available at


Sensitive New Age Cowpersons

Band in Fremantle Western Australia 1994-2006.

jam tarts

The Jam Tarts

Band in Fremantle Western Australia 1980s.

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