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Penny Baker


Penny before we met, graduating from Claremont Teachers College at the end of 1963. I did exactly the same, but our paths didn't cross until we were appointed to the same school in 1964.


The staff photo Narrogin SHS, 1964. Penny is front left, next to Margaret Thackrah, who would later be her bridesmaid.


Penny at her first wedding, 1966.


We were on the staff of NASHS again in 1967. Penny is sixth from the left, next to Marald Wallace, who died tragically young.


Penny didn't want to be photographed in the street in Perth, tho I'm glad we have a record of her outfit, by Prue Acton.


We looked after my cousin Graeme's house one weekend, including their first-born, Sven, who now has two children of his own. The house was in Kott Tce, Claremont, and that's a Roy Catt chair.


This was the work of some young man who was practising to be a photographer. His print has faded somewhat.


Same photographer. Great photo.


I think Penny here was probably crewing a yacht off the Queensland coast somewhere, employed as a nanny, and probably cook.


Second wedding, with Gerald, 20 May 1985.


Some time after they were married, and living in or near Surfers. I took the photo.


Penny on her deck in 2013, working on a crossword.

single malt

And in 2015, enjoying a single malt ... and a cigarette.

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