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My 50th birthday—21 November 1993—at Clancy's

My 65th birthday—21 November 2008—at 60 South St

My 66th birthday—21 November 2009

On my birthday, Eleanor, Katherine and I took their BFs out for dinner at The Essex. Afterwards we went to an ice-cream parlour on the main drag and we took the obligatory photos.

Eleanor and Katherine. The latter would be able to explain why she's pink in the preceding photo and light brown in this one. I have nfi.

Three shots of Eleanor ...

... Wayne ...

... and ice-creams. Wayne plays bass, and we went on to a great jam back at my place, with me on piano and Eleanor singing.

Katherine coming between Eleanor and Wayne.

Adrian and a bit of Katherine.

Katherine and Adrian.

My 70th birthday party—21 November 2013—at my place

Having had a couple or three fortifying beverages, I decided we should all sing happy birthday to me!

Lubica always sits at my feet when I play/sing for some reason. I think the 1960s are to blame. That's Julie Kaesehagen in the first of her appearances here.

Lubica faces the camera.

Encouraged by the music getting started, Gary Burke went and got a ukulele.

Soon we were singing Sweet Violets.

... and Norman Blake's cowboy song, Billy Gray.

(Tho it's nearly my bedtime.)

Anne-Marie took these snaps: thanks!

My 80th birthday—21 November 2023

Facing: Ruth, Alison, Lubica, Don, me, Paul. Backs: Anne-Marie, Peter. Photos: Katherine.

Girls I went to high school with: Wendy and Sandy. Photos: Josko.

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