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Fiji 1999 - getting there

See also:what we did and saw.

Having left Fiji in 1985, I returned in 1999, with daughter Katherine, for a conference. These were the last days of analog cameras, and unfortunately I was still using a crap camera I inherited from my Dad when he died in 1982. This is halfway from the airport in Nadi to Suva, on the other side of the island, along the Kings Rd, around the north of Viti Levu.

One of the reasons I wanted to go the long way around was to see again the departure point for Ovalau (Island) at Ellington Wharf. I went on possibly this very same ship to Ovalau (the old capital) in 1971.

We stayed at the Suva Motor Inn.

Our room was the one at the exact centre of the photograph on the top floor.

The view from the room was thus.
That's the government building tower in the distance to the northwest.

And thus. There's a lesson for us from the 'First World' here: every available space, even that in front of a hotel, is used for growing food.

And this is the view from the door of our suite, inside the hotel.

There's a big slide down to the swimming-pool. Katherine went down it, but not I.

See also: what we did and saw.

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