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Touristic Fremantle

I'm pretty sure this was the first page of photos I put up on my personal website - as the date on the bottom says: 5 November 2009. I thought it was pretty smart at the time. Now it's only just hanging on here, for sentimental reasons only.

Fremantle War Memorial. I can see it from my front verandah.

At the Fremantle War Memorial looking west to the harbour mouth. You might be able to pick out the Town Hall. The building with the sail roof is the second monument built by Richard Court to himself: the Maritime Museum.

Bit to the left: that's my Astra SRI.

Bit to the right: the harbour with Rottnest dimly in the distance.

Looking east from the Fremantle War Memorial you can't see my roof, but that flat orange one is just over the road.

Approaching the Round House (prison).

Approaching the Round House. OK, OK, I took a photo of some bins, but I wanted to show the sign: Mrs Trivett's Place.

Another sign you can't read: the one on the retained facade of what is really a block of flats says: Fremantle Municipal Tramways.

Here's a sign you can read: Toilets! That's the Round House, obviously.

Round House

Round House

Round House with Dutch tourist running to rescue his girlfriend from dodgy-looking guy with camera.

The black timing ball is to drop at exactly 1300 every day as a nearby cannon is fired (for the tourists). This was to allow ships to set their chronometers accurately.

Maritime Museum Richard Court Memorial.

Bathers Beach looking down from the Round House.

Bathers Beach + buildings ...

... the Kerosene Store became the Joan Campbell pottery workshop, and then ...

... with Joanne Robertson, the Kidogo Arthouse ('kidogo' is Swahili for 'small', as everyone knows)

Looking back up at the prison and Arthur Head.

A wide shot with little content: the point was to show what I imagine must be the McDonalds which is closer to the sea than any other in the world. The sand is two metres from the edge of the restaurant. Update: Maccas is no longer there. The restaurant upstairs has also changed hands, becoming The View instead of Sails. Further update: The View has also closed. Not sure what's up there atm. Another update: it's Bathers Beach House.

Fishing Boat Harbour. This was SO busy when the America's Cup defence was in progress.

What it says.

We don't have any white water, so I guess the yellow and black boat selling white water tours goes out to sea and makes its own: $25/20 minutes.

It's a working harbour.

The restaurant you keep seeing bits of - to the right in this case - is part of what used to be Lombardo's complex: two restaurants with great views of the Harbour, a pub, a niteclub: what more could you want? Bridal decorations?

My favourite pub/restaurant/brewery: Lil Crits. OK, Little Creatures.

Boring photo of some cars - and the facade of Cicerello's.

What a Blues/Roots Festival looks like the next morning.

What a Blues/Roots Festival looks like the next morning: I guess that was the main stage.

Whalers Tunnel under the Round House

Tunnel under the Round House

High Street, Fremantle: now you can read the sign!

Can you read this one?

That's a better photo of High Street, Fremantle: everyone and their dog takes this shot.

Photographs taken with Ricoh Caplio RR530, image size 640x480, 'normal' setting.

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