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Some postcards bought in London in 1968. The photographs may have been taken before that time. The text following the images is that from the postcard, unless otherwise indicated.

Tower Bridge

By night as by day Tower Bridge controls the passing of vessels into the Pool of London.

Tower of London 1996

[For comparison, here is a 1996 postcard.]

Tower of London

Sentry at Tower of London
A sentry of the Scots Guards on duty at the Tower

[Again for comparison, a postcard from about 1996.]

Piccadilly Circus

Surrounded by the bright lights, the famous statue of Eros stands in the centre of the Circus with the entrance to Shaftesbury Avenue beyond and London's theatreland.

[The statue is actually not of Eros but Anteros, and is no longer in the centre of the Circus, but can now be reached without crossing through traffic, as may be seen in Wikipedia's snap of the Circus in 2004.]

Penny and I had no camera, by choice - because we were planning to continue to live there - during our time in England January 1968–July 1969. There are only two photos of us, neither taken in London. This one was taken at New College Oxford in 1969 by a colleague of mine at Northampton Grammar School who was an Oxford graduate.

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