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Western Australia Postcards

These are scans of a set of postcards of photographs of Western Australia. The highest index number I have is 83, but of those only 44 have survived in this collection. Date unknown, but early 20C, maybe 1920s. Your guess may be better than mine.
The b/w cards are mine. The sepia-coloured cards appear to be from an earlier 'Royal Series' which I don't own. They were put in Facebook for me on the Western Australian History page by James Ball, to whom many thanks.

The Western Australian parliament building with the Pensioner Barracks to the right.

The Narrows. Point Belches on the South Perth of the river.

The building on the extreme left with the first-floor verandah is the Newcastle Club (Newport) Hotel. The building on the extreme right is now called Gino's. Next to it, the imposing building with the sign saying CIRCULATING LIBRARY is the Literary Institute - now, on the ground floor, the Dome coffeeshop. The building in the distance, where South Terrace curves a bit to our right, is the Synagogue.

The Observatory is now the offices of the National Trust, and visitors are not invited to tour the building.

These postcards were 'Published by A. J. Ratcliffe, 75 Barrack Street, Perth' Western Australia.
The current tenant at 75 Barrack Street is Students Flights. It's next to the Liberty Cinema, between Murray and Hay.

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