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These postcards were bought in England in 1968-69 but the photographs may have been taken well before that. The text following the images is that from the postcard, unless otherwise indicated - by [brackets] for example.


Caernarvon Castle. View from the Upper Ward. [13C]

St Laurence's

[There is nothing on the back of this postcard to identify it. It is one of only about four complete Saxon churches still in existence: St Laurence's, Bradford-on-Avon, Wilts, built around 1000AD. I've never seen it in the flesh, which is frustrating, as I was not far away on at least one occasion.]



Kenilworth Castle, Warwickshire

Kenilworth Castle, Warwickshire. Leicester's Gatehouse. View from the Keep.

Kenilworth Castle, Warwickshire. The Inner Court. View from the Keep.

The Cathedral, Chichester, Sussex. The Raising of Lazarus
Among the most precious possessions of Chichester are two carved stone panels in the south aisle of the choir, this one depicting the Raising of Lazarus and another showing the arrival of Christ at Bethany. Authorities differ as to whether they are Anglo-Saxon work of c. 1000 or Norman of c. 1130. They are the finest existing works from this period in England. The work of English sculptors has been greatly influenced by them, notably that of Eric Gill who spent a few years in Chichester from the age of 15-17.

Chichester, Sussex. The Cross
One of the finest of its kind, Chichester Cross stands at the junction of roads that were laid down originally by the Romans in Noviomagnus, their name for Chichester. This Cross, built of Caen stone, was given to the city by Edward Storey, Bishop from 1478 to 1503. There is a bronze bust of Charles I in the oval niche below the clock.

The Corbridge Lion, Corbridge, Northumberland. [Roman, 2nd-3rd century AD]

Old Sarum, Wiltshire
"Great Tower" from E.

Old Sarum, Wiltshire
Remains of "Great Tower" and Chapel.

Christ Church Cathedral, Oxford
The Nave

Christ Church Cathedral, Oxford
Martyrdom of St Thomas a Becket [window c. 1320]

Salisbury Cathedral
The total length of the interior is 449 feet. It was completed in 1258 and is a remarkably example of the Early English style.

Salisbury Cathedral. The Cloisters Walk.
The Cloisters are the largest of any English cathedral. The walks are 181 feet long. The style is Decorated and the date late 13th century (c. 1270).

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