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Marriage of Garry Gillard & Penny Baker

14 May 1966

First out of the church, St Paul's Anglican, Harvey.

We seem to like each other so far ...

I think this is the point at which it really becomes a legal contract, rather than when you say 'I do' or whatever.

So we're showing we really have done it. ...
We got divorced in November 1973.

From left, my best man was Geoff Owen, Robin Little and Margaret Thackrah (m. Smith) were Penny's bridesmaids, and that's her brother Peter making up the numbers.

Now we're joined by our parents, mine on the left, Dave and Mollie Gillard, with my grandmother Christina Robertson, and Penny's on the right, Irene (Billie) and George Baker (sneaking a naughty cigarette).

In Don Wright's black 1962 Falcon, about to drive to Bunbury to the reception at the Seaview Motel.

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