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Men in the 'Class of 1960'

All of these data were assembled by Ellen Reid in 1995; additions from Frank Campbell's data. Some of these men I don't personally remember, especially those who came to the school in fourth year.


ABELIOTIS, Jim. Industrial chemist: Hobby paints. 'New four'?
ADAM, Ken. Architect; town planner. 'New four'?
ARMSTRONG, Nathan. 'New four'?
ATKINSON, Roger. Senior lect. distance ed., Murdoch Uni.
BENNETT, Jack. Prefect. Teacher. 'New four'.
BEVAN, Ken. 'New four'?
BEVAN, Rex. Financial Adviser.
BINNS, Colin. Professor, Head School of Public Health, Curtin U.
BLAKEMORE, Cameron. Champion footballer.
BOWER, Robert. Periodontist; married Judith Hetherington.
CAMPBELL, Murray. Mussel farmer.
COLE, Trevor. Prefect. Professor (Electrical Engineering) U Sydney
COLOMBERA, Peter. Prefect. Gymnast. 'New four'.
COOPER, Graham. Peter, not Graham?
CORISH, Walter. Mechanical engineer then joined IBM in IT sales until retirement.
CORNISH, Christopher. New four.
COXON, John. Engineer.
CROSS, Doug. Investment advisor, insurance agent.
DAWSON, Ray. Principal Research Scientist ARML (defence science & technology organisation)
DORN, Ken.
DOWNIE, John. Teacher.
DRIVER, Peter.
ELLIS, David. Bass player (Sydney SO etc.) and maker.
FELDMAN, David. Prefect. Engineer. Died aged 34.
FLANAGAN, Richard? 'New four'?
GANNON, Martin.
GILLARD, Garry. Teacher, lect: Comm Studies, Murdoch Uni.
GRADER, Frederick. Science Coordinator TAFE East Perth.
HALL, Marshall. Civilian Scientist in Navy SYDNEY, NSW.
HAMER, Alan, 'Tick'. Died at 18 in traffic accident.
HARVEY, Philip. School captain. Engineer; CEO Alinta Gas.
HILL, Murray. Insurance saleman.
HILLIER, Graham, 'Chuck'. Head Master Swanbourne High School?
HOFFMAN, Terry. Jeweller.
JENNINGS, Ian? 'New four'?
KILPIN, Tom? 'New four'?
KUHLMANN, Alan. TAFE Lecturer. 'New four'?
LAUDER, Les. Antiques Prop. ?? Did not go to Mod?
LAWSON, Robert. Manager Inf. Tech. TAB.
LAZARUS, Ed. Prefect. Elect. Engineer IBM, Lecturer in Econs Murdoch U.
LEGGATT, Peter. Specialist Toolmaker.
LENNIE, Vaughan? 'New four'?
LILBURNE, Geoff. Uniting Church Minister; National Director Theology & Discipleship, Uniting Church Sydney.
McHUGH, Roger.
McLEOD, Denis. Principal of legal firm.
McMATH, John. Teacher Hale School?
MANNING Michael, Solicitor, Fremantle.
MASON, Rod, Medicine, Bunbury GP.
MERRALLS, Peter. Prefect. Pharmacy. 'New four'
MICHAELS, Geoffrey. Violin Teacher. Entered 1957.
MILLS, Frank E.
MITCHELL, Robert. Veterinary Sci. Dept. of Agriculture, Albany.
NORGARD, David. Journalist. Died 20s?
NORRIS, Peter.
O’MALLEY, Frank. 'New four'?
OULD Richard. Pharmacist, Safety Bay.
OWEN, Geoff. Banking, commerce, lawyer.
PAGE, Max.
PATTERSON, Neil. Statistician, banking, World Bank, IMF, Washington, DC.
PHILLIPS, Michael. Medical professor.
PHILLIPS, Philip. Teacher.
PITMAN, Frank. Prefect. Engineer; BMA relieving director.
RICE, Geoff.
ROBERMAN, Brian. Medicine: gynaecology. 'New four'?
ROGERS, Brian. Office worker Telecom.'New four'?
SKELE, John Egils.
SOR, Roger.
STEEL, R. Alan. Pharmacy. 'New four'?
STEINBERG, David. Medicine.
TAYLOR, Geoff.
WATSON, Alexander (Lex). Lecturer: politics ANU.
WILLIAMS, Bruce. Professor, English, Latrobe Uni Melbourne, Vic.

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