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I was a student at Perth Modern School 1956-1960. This is a collection of images and other data relevant to my cohort.

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Prefects 1960


Musical productions 1959-60

See also: entrance 1955; results 1960; teachers 1950s; women in the cohort; men in the cohort; my reports. And the Sphinx 1960.

It was decided in 1958 that the school should become open entry, mainly due to the enthusiasm of T.L. Robertson, the Director of Education, who had recently returned from the USA, where everyone is equal. A few non-scholarship students entered that year, and 1960 was the first year when all entry was open. The last students with scholarships entered in 1959.

Later, it was a music specialist school. It has now again become academically selective, while continuing also to specialise in music.

From 1922, a number of new students ('new fours') were admitted (on the basis of their Junior Certificate results) in (third or) fourth year (now year 11) having come from high schools which only went up to the (second or) third year (or year 10). This was because Mod was the only high school offering (four or) five years of secondary education – until the late 1940s.

Roberts Road frontage, 1911. SLWA.

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