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Reunions of the 'Year of 1960' at PMS

1963 reunion

This was taken on David Norgard's twentieth birthday, probably by his sister Astrid, in the garden of his family home in 1963, when we all turned 20, except for Geoffrey Michaels, who was a year younger.

Ed Lazarus, Rick Ould, Geoff Owen, John Coxon, Rob Bower, Mick Manning, David Steinberg, Trevor Cole
Garry Gillard (deckchair), Graeme Blackman, Peter Cooper, Roger Atkinson, Phil Harvey, Bill Bowden, Brian Robermann (deckchair)
Neil Patterson, David Norgard, Geoffrey Michaels, Denis McLeod, Michael Phillips, dog

1995 reunion

The organiser, Ellen Reid, gave this talk to the women at the reunion.

The women of 1960 organised their own reunion in 1995. Can anyone help me with more names? I believe woman are grouped in their school classes. If so, the first group were in Vm (as was I), which is why I have more names for this group than the others.

Back row:  Bronwyn Mumme (Denness), ?, ?, Eleanor Snell (Williams ), Lyn Serventy (Appleyard), Shirley Masel (Rosen)

Second row: Lenore Stanich, ?, ?, Janet Holmes à Court (Ranford), Tricia Walmsley (Pat Wrightson), Marlene Lockhart, Elizabeth Sanderson

Front row:  Kay Morgan (Sandilands), Joan Cooley (Rapley dec.), Ellen Reid (Boyle), Betty Steele (was married to David Feldman until his early death), Sandy White (Stock), Suzanne Hollingworth (Oborne)

Front row: Judith Bower (Hetherington), Jocelyn Everett (Trigwell), ?, Shirley Hughes (Jones), ?
In the 'second row', Margaret Smith (Thackrah) is on the extreme right, with Valda Pitman (Brodie) to her right (our left). Mary Baseley (Crabtree) is behind Margaret .

Sorry, but I don't have a single name yet for any of these ladies.


Ellen, who organised the reunion, and Janet, who hosted it.

2000 reunion

Click/tap on images for larger version.

Fifth row: Robert Lockley, Christopher Cornish, John Collins, John Stopher, Robert Bower, John (Egils) Skele, Bob Mitchell, Russlyn Goodman (Millar), Ed Lazarus, Robert Elliott, Frank Pitman, Ian Jennings, Bill Bowden, Rick Ould

Fourth row: Peter Leggatt, Doug Cross, Geoffrey Owen, Philip Phillips, Wendy Desmond (Frye), Barbara Pearce (Collins), Shirley Masel (Rosen), Frits Grader, Val McPherson (Howat), Dee Everitt (Elsworthy), Janice Graham (Lalor), Margaret Smith (Thackrah), John Downie

Third row: Marlene Robins (Lockhart), Graham Hillier, Lyn Serventy (Appleyard), Ray Dawson, Muriel Jefferson (Adams), Jen McComb (Chessell, Head Girl 1960), Cynthia Bremen-Rooke (Bremen-Roberts), Lyn Moffat (Drabble), Margaret Bowden (Zuiderhoek), Valda Pitman (Brodie), Astrid Phelan (Dunsis)

Second row: June Moore (Kelly), Judith Bower (Hetherington), Brian Rogers, Terry Hoffman, Geoffrey Lilburne, Elizabeth Sanderson, Jocelyn Everett (Trigwell), Pamela McLean (Banfield), Marie Wapnah (Bonds), Eleanor Snell (Williams), Joan McKenna (Foord), Michael Manning

Front row: Lex Watson, Janet Holmes à Court (Ranford), Sandy White (Stock), Ian Brownfield, Wendy Fenton (Dowsett), Neil Patterson, Colin Binns, Joy Eichorn (Howe), Rena McKinney (Anderson), Phil Harvey (School Captain 1960)

Many thanks to Wendy Fenton for all of the above identifications. :)

2010 reunion

This is an unofficial photo of the group at the 2010 reunion. The photo was taken by Frank Campbell's partner Holly Belisle. They came all the way from Long Beach California for the reunion.

Ten years later, I've now scanned the 'official' photo, as I assume it no longer has any commercial value. Click/tap on the image for the fullsize photo.

Fifth row: Bill Bowden, Peter Leggatt, Lindsay Wolfe, Marshall Hall, Ed Lazarus, Robert Bower, John Modra, Roger Atkinson, John Collins, Max Page, Geoff Taylor

Fourth row: Frits Grader, John Stopher, Peter Downs, Bob Mitchell, Margaret Smith (Thackrah), Harda Paparde (Grinbergs), Lyn Serventy (Appleyard), Astrid Phelan (Dunsis), Mary Basley (Crabtree), Roger Sor, Philip Phillips, Janet Holmes à Court (Ranford), Rod Mason

Third row: Kevin Rattigan, Frank Pitman, Neil Patterson, John Downie, Rena McKinney (Anderson), Florence Winn (Smith), George Gouteff, Marie Wapnah (Bonds), Judith Bower (Hetherington), Valda Pitman (Brodie), Patricia Sheny (Brown)

Second row: Merilyn Hutton (Price), David Rule, Cynthia Breman-Rooke (Breman-Roberts), Margaret Bowden (Zuiderhoek), Lois Denholm (Preston), Muriel Jefferson (Adams), Daphne Cotton (Milligan), Shirley Masel (Rosen), Dale Nolan (Swepstone), Jen McComb (Chessell), Kay Sandilands (Morgan)

First row: Pamela McLean (Banfield), Pamela Rabinau (Austin), Joan Kuenzel (Clarke), Ann Cahill (Forbes), Wendy Fenton (Dowsett), Frank Campbell, Geoff Newman-Martin, Garry Gillard, June Moore (Kelly), Sandy White (Stock), Terry Hoffman

2020 reunion

Sadly, there was no reunion in 2020 because of an irrational fear of the COVID-19 pandemic, although the state of Western Australia has had no community transmission of the virus, as at November, for about six months. It would have been our 60th reunion. Most of us will be dead before the next, if there is one.

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